Saturday, February 02, 2008

Japanese Manga Special!

This is your chance to stock up on your favourite manga series!

For a limited time only we are offering discounted prices on many of our Japanese Manga titles. Prices for the discounted manga range from as low as $3 per book! Selected titles include xxxHolic, One Piece, Gundam Wing, Loveless, Hikaru No Go, Prince Of Tennis and many more! Don't miss out on this great opportunity to expand your collection!

Monday, September 03, 2007

New Cosplay Items

We have recently gotten more cosplay outfits in stock. There are many new costumes from new and familiar series to choose from.

**New Gothic Lolita Dresses **

**Anime Cosplay**

Famous Shaoran costume from Card Capter Sakura!

The costume shown above is worn by Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia.

The costume shown here is worn by Ichinomiya Kantarou from the series Tactics. It includes two silk undershirts, pants and an overshirt.

The costume shown above is worn by Stellar Loussier from Gundam Seed.

We have various Gundam uniforms in stock at the moment including the ones shown here.

The costumes shown above are variations of the ZAFT uniforms worn by characters from Gundam Seed Destiny.

This is an uniform of Lelouch Lamperouge, from Code Geass.
Above is the female uniform from the popular series, Code Geass.

Displayed above is a set of Japanese traditional clothes worn by Jin from Samurai Champloo.

Above is the pink and red kimono worn by Fuu from Samurai Champloo.

The cosplays shown above are worn by Nana from the series of the same name.

The uniform shown above is fron the new and very popular series Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, and is worn by many of the characters including Haruhi.

The jacket shown here is work by the character Ichigo from Bleach.

The costume shown above is worn by Kisuke Urahara in the series Bleach.

The school uniforms worn by the chacters in Bleach are shown above.

This cosplay is from Naruto and is worn by the character Rock Lee.
This cosplay outfit shown above is worn by Gaara later on in the series.
The jacket shown about is work by the 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze.
This cosplay outfit is worn by Neji from Naruto in the early part of the series.

Above is a costume from Bleach, worn by various characters, including the main protaganist Ichigo!

Here is the costume worn by Sasuke Uchiha. This set of costume comes with the blue shirt and a pair of white shorts.

This red jacket is from the popular series Trigun featuring Vash The Stampede.

This cosplay comes from the movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children featuring the antagonist Sephiroth.

This Yuna cosplay comes with 7 pieces, including skirt, sleeves, obi, tie, black halter top and the white top. We also have the Songstress cosplay outfit used by both Yuna and Lenne in the sequel to Final Fantasy X.

From an older but still very popular series, these two cosplays from Fushigi Yuugi are worn by Yui and Miaka.

The costumes shown above are from Chobits for the characters Yuzuki and Chi.

We also have quite a selection of Gundam cosplay outfits. The one shown above is for Stellar Loussier. We also have cosplays for other characters like the ones shown below.

While we have featured many cosplay for girls we also carry cosplay outfits for male characters like the one shown below. This outfit is worn by Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter.

We have a variety of sizes for many of the costumes, so come check them out while supplies last. ^_^